Children’s Dental Procedures

Why Choose Pediatric / Children’s Dentistry to Perform Dental Procedures on my child?

We are often asked the advantages of choosing a children’s dentist vs a family dentist. The answer is simple… we SPECIALIZE in children’s dental care! Our dentists are Board Certified Pediatric Dentists, meaning your child’s dentist provides dental care based on standards of excellence that lead to high quality oral health care for infants, children, adolescents and patients with special health care needs. Our Pediatric or Children’s Dentists are dedicated to the oral health of children and the monitoring of facial growth and development. Children patients have a different dentition than adults plus they have specific dental and behavioral needs unique to a child. These needs may include orthodontic treatment, dental sealants, or just simply education in oral hygiene. Sea Of Smiles focuses on prevention through patient and parent education so your children can enjoy a cavity-free future.

To help you better understand details about treatment options offered at Sea Of Smiles, please click on the procedures below offered by our children’s dentistry.


Your child will receive a comprehensive exam at each preventive appointment. Your child’s dentist will monitor growth and development, check for cavities with a clinical exam and x-ray, and examine gum tissue. This exam will provide a thorough diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan for your child.

Preventative Dental Services

Regular dental cleanings promote healthy gums and teeth by removing plaque. Children should be receiving fluoride treatments every 6 months and sealants may also be recommended by your child’s dentist if deemed helpful in fighting decay.


Our office uses Digital Radiography, reducing radiation exposure 80-90% compared to traditional x-ray. For your child this means less exposure and very little risk with our x-rays.

Dental Sealants

For extra protection against tooth decay, the dentist may recommend a sealant for a particular tooth or teeth. A plastic sealant is applied to the tooth and then buffed down. Your child can resume all normal activity after the appointment.


Our composite fillings are matched to your child’s natural tooth color and are extremely durable and stain resistant. If your child should require a crown, stainless steel crowns are typically used on primary teeth.


A child’s dentist at times deems it necessary to have a tooth extracted. Using a local anesthetic, the tooth will be removed without pain but pressure is felt.   After the tooth has been extracted, you will be sent home with care instructions. In time, the resulting hole will fill in with bone.

Pulpotomy & Pulpectomy/Nerve Treatment

When nerve or pulp tissue is affected from a large cavity, pulpotomy or pulpectomy nerve treatment procedures may be performed to prevent dental abscess or loss of the tooth. The goal is to save the tooth, maintaining the integrity and function of the dental arch.

Cosmetic Procedures

Our office provides a variety of cosmetic procedures to give your child a smile with confidence. We offer a variety of treatment options such as bonding for minor tooth imperfections and tooth whitening for stained, discolored, or dull teeth.


Diagnodent is a laser instrument that uses a safe, comfortable laser light used to assist our clinical team in locating small cavities and areas of tooth decay.

Orthodontic Treatment

We recommend that children have their first orthodontic evaluation by age 7. With early evaluation and diagnosis, children can achieve optimal orthodontic results.


We want your child to have a good experience so it is important to have your child comfortable and pain free. We offer: local anesthesia, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation, and general anesthesia. The doctor will discuss with you the sedation options available to your child.

After Care/Post-Op Instructions

Please refer to this section if you have any questions after your child’s procedure. If you still have concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 513-474-6777.

For more information about our practice or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gennantonio, Dr. Stewart, Dr. Husted or Dr. Devany, call our office in Cincinnati | Anderson Township, OH at Sea of Smiles Pediatric Dentistry Phone Number 513-474-6777. We'd love to hear from you!